DD Service - 2008 to 2016 - Oshawa, Ontario. Canada.

  [DD SERVICES - 2010] - [i DRIVE your RIDE - 2013]. the history behind DD SERVICE.

    DD Service was first founded and presented to the public in the year of 2008. It was than at that time registered and the name branded under the name of DD Service in the year of  2010 now to the year of 2016. DD Service's name was first branded and marketed in Canada in the year of 2008 as DD SERVICE, the first one that the public recognized as a safe ride program service provider as a Designated Driver Service Provider within the province of Ontario. Our Service makes Friends! It is Safety First! And Profit Second! Saving one Life at a Time! There's No turning back Time!

    DD SERVICE / ddservice.ca is the call in acting agent site of DD SERVICE / 2008 for the service provider of the Event/Valet Driver and Parking Service - i DRIVE your RIDE - EVENT/VALET at this time in the year 2016. At the beginning of the era of safe ride program service companies DD SERVICE was as a service provider founded in the year of 2008 in Ontario. DD Service is the Ontario registered name of a Durham Regional Safe Ride Program Service provider that is registered as an Ontario Business operating within the Region of Durham since 2008. DD Services was Ontario registered, and trademarked in Ontario in the year of 2010, founded in the City of Oshawa in 2008. Many other service operations have copied our terms and conditions of service, and the business policies of DD SERVICES. Some services that are out there as service operations are not recognized as Ontario businesses within the province of Ontario at this time. Understand some of the offered designated driver operations are not recognized as a public business service within the province of Ontario at this time to offer an optional safe ride program service as a service business. Province of Ontario businesses have to be recognized and registered as a business listed with Services.ca Canada in the province of Ontario to be a Ontario numbered company.

    DD Services as a numbered company looked for ways to hire personnel as drivers for the safe ride program service that was to be offered as no occupations within Services.ca were listed in the year of 2010 for designated drivers as a job classified as a Ontario recognized job none were to be found listed in Services.ca? Personnel as independent Security guards acting as driver service personnel could be offered as close personal protection under the Ontario Security Guard Act of 2005 legally within the province of Ontario. But there was no occupation as a designated driver as a job that was listed in Ontario! So at that time a steering committee for the safe ride program service company that was to be, was formed it was a think tank made up of safe Ontario independent security personnel looking to put this type of safe ride program service in a box, legally as a service to offer to clients at the time. It was not until the year of 2013 that other service personnel could be assigned as follow behind drivers to retrieve the safe ride program independent security personnel offering the safe ride program being requested by clients. At that time another business as a service company offering a optional safe ride program to other services that were to be offered was formed and it was registered in Ontario as an Event/Valet driver and parking service for client requested events/private outings.          

    As an Ontario registered business listed as an Valet Driver and Parking Service that was recognized and listed as a legal business within the province of Ontario. Service personnel as valet drivers, could than be hired under an occupation listed in Services.ca as car jockeys. The occupation that was found was under other elemental occupations (6683) car jockey to which driver personnel could be legally hired and are recognized by the province of Ontario with an occupation listed within Services.ca. Through this listed business as a Event/Valet Drivers Service an optional safe ride program service could now be offered legally to the clients requesting this optional safe ride program. We were not the first to offer this type of safe ride program to the public, but we were the first to do so legally with a Ontario classified and listed occupation to which driver service personnel are recognized within the Ontario job force listed in Services.ca within the province of Ontario. This safe ride program service business now had Ontario legally recognized personnel listed and classified as drivers within the Ontario job force as a occupation as car jockeys, as valet driver personnel listed within Services.ca.

    There are many designated driver operations offering the public a type of service in the province of Ontario. Some just a business card, or a cardboard sign taped to a vehicle window and a cell phone number to which the public can contact to be driven by a driver for hire? It has become a problem in the City of Oshawa in the Durham Regional area with the unprofessional actions of these types of driver operations, to the point now that the City of Oshawa has placed a By/law within the City of Oshawa to control the actions of these unregistered service businesses. These service operations are a type of tax-free cash grab scheme that the City of Oshawa has chosen to outlaw in the future. At one time there were a few Ontario registered driver business services that were recognized by the province of Ontario that were professional services with business terms and conditions, operational policies for public safety many have closed their service businesses and moved on. The future of this type of public service operation is coming to the end of an era in the region of Durham.

   DD SERVICE will end this with a safety policy statement - The people within the general public sector have to try to understand that you are only as safe as the person that is to be your safe replacement driver that you have handed your keys to, the driver that now has care and control of  your personal property, your life, and privately owned vehicle. When you, yourself are unable to operate your motor vehicle safely for whatever reason legally within the laws of Ontario on public streets and roadways in the province of Ontario.